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Brownham/Hannigram Titanic AU

Come to America with me, Mr. Graham. I know how you crave to be free from the old society. We can follow the constellations. I’ll be your lover, your gargoyle, everything you want. -1912

Forty years, and you don’t look a day older, Will.  -1952

(What did you do, Hannibal? What did you do?)

Someone write this story, please! *-*

Will and Abigail wake up in hospital both alive. The pain for what Hannibal did is too strong. Matthew, who has just been released, because FBI assume he was helping Will and Jack in order to caught Hannibal, come to see them.

- I’ve lost my family, Matthew. Abigail and I we’ve lost… He took that from us.

- I can be your family. I’ll take care of you, I’ll take care of both of you.

And Will accepts.

Because I’m so done with you Hannibal.

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